GReddy Profec Boost Controllers
  • Profec 
  • PRofec B-spec. 2
GReddy Sirius Meter Series

6038e金沙 74mm dia. dial gauge seires.  Classic Analog Meters and new combinable clear thin-film EL display.

GReddy Informeter Touch

3.5" Touch -screen monitor vehicle data, with warning, datalogging, and DTC

Gauge Accessories

6038e金沙 Accessories and repacement parts for GReddy gauges

6038e金沙 GReddy's Electronic Department is lead by its Japanese theme of "Take it easy!" In addition to pushing the envelope for effective electronic displays and controls, the end goal is to provide useful features that are easy to monitor and control, even when the systems themselves are very complex. GReddy electronic engineers use their experiance and expertise to produce effective tuning aids, with stylsh construction and enhance usability. Industry standards like Profec boost controllers, Turbo Timers and Gauge lines continue to evolve with each new iteration.